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Creating a "simple" split Door and PolyHell.

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I'll start this with something easy.

First off I wanted to learn how ZDOOM makes Split Doors. So I went through this tutorial 100%, but when finished it tells me it does not know what script 1 was, even though my script is exact and everything is marked as should be.

Here's the tutorial I used including sample wad.


And here is my failed work:



My second idea was to learn how to use Poly Objects and make sliding doors.

Well to make a long story short, after using this tutorial:


I went to save in DOOM Builder, and it locked up on the Building Nodes part and screwed up my computer for a while.

One thing that I noticed is that if you goto the side of the Polyobject on the Unused sector, the part where you put the Start Poly attributes, it will want a wall texture...

...when I make them they don't need one. Also the two Poly Objects in thy play field are actual sectors, and yet the line defs are all pointing out?

HOW in the world do you make this stuff? This tutorial is not saying a word, it's written as if you've done all this before...

...not unlike many DOOM tutorials. :/


Last but not least, where can I find a clear and simple STEP by STEP guide on making 6 sided hi-res sky boxes for GZDOOM?

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Did you hit the 'compile' button in the script box? If you didn't, then that's probably why.

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I have to hit Compile?

I'll go home and try that, I'm used to working with Legacy and Fraggle script, all this GZDOOM Hexen stuff is all new to me.

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