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Need help with first-priority project

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StickArena 3d
A 3d clone of xGenStudio's StickArena

Credits so far:
Intermission screen: Me
Mapz: me

Office textures (couches, computers, etc)
Weapon hackers (please contact me on msn for deatails: flashn00b@hotmail.com)
Someone who can modify the frag messages (contact my msn)
Someone who can put .MOD music onto maps

xGen map remakes:
2. Construction site 1
3. Workplace Auxority
4. Sewer
5. Construction site 2
6. Construction site 3
My Maps:
7. Downtown rooftops
8. Rave (pistols only) (small loop from the song "Fire - Scooter" should be used
9. zDaemon Hacker Community (small loop from the song "Heute ist mein tag" should be used)

Weapon replacements:
1. Bat (chainsaw stays as chainsaw, only with stick hands)
2. Glock18
3. SPAS12/B00MSTICK!!!
4. Akimbo UZI's
5. Light Anti-Vehicle Weapon
6. Halo Plasma rifle
7. Modded BFG (BFG shot explodes into plasma bolts that fire at 14 directions)

Heute ist mein tag is the song used in Nazi YTMNDs

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You better have something to show or else you won't get any help. Expect the "Before you start on you megacool and whatnot project..." message soon.

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flashn00b said:

Someone who can put .MOD music onto maps

What port do you intend to use?, in case its zdoom, just import the .mod with XWE into the wad, and then add a script or a MAPINFO to make the song play on the right map.

you dont know what MAPINFO or scripts is, just look at the zdoom wiki

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