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GZDOOM Weapon creation help for babies.

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I'm familiar with DeHacked of course, but being new to ZDOOM, I've never touched bex and the like.
Is there a guide out there with example wads on how to create new weapons, or secondary fire for weapons, step by step as if you know nothing?
I'd really like to check into this if possible, thus far ZDOOM wiki only confuses me.
I checked out the Weapons resource pack, but even after you alter "that one line" it still does not work with GZDOOM.
Then a lot of the other weapons packs have too much and it gets confusing, are there single weapon packs so you can study the weapons and code 1 by 1?

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XDelusion said:

are there single weapon packs so you can study the weapons and code 1 by 1?

The Wiki has the code for the original Doom weapons for use as a base.

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Could I at least have an example of how to make a secondary weapon. I spent a few hours with the ZDOOM wiki last night and really didn't accomplish a thing. I could use any BASIC help I can get, after that I'm sure I'll make sence of something.

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I've been to his page and looked at his work which was mind blowing!

The problem was that his weapon packs have a million weapons in them rather than just one, so it makes it really really hard trying to make sence out of it and see what goes with what.

He has tutorials?!?!? where must have missed them!?

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Thankx for the tongue baby! I didn't know you were like that, kinky!

Didn't realize how direct your link was, guess I should have paid more attention to the adress.

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KingofFlames said:

Ya know, instead of using FSGLOBAL, why don't you just use ACS Libraries?

Because the global ACS script feature is not in ZDoom yet (I don't count the SVN versions as it's largely designed for corders). Go figure.

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I'm still not quite getting it. I'm looking at all of weasel's tutorials.

I guess what I am looking for is a back to basics guide. I.E.

Ok, so you want to make a grenades launcher with alternate fire, and grenades that bounce. What you are going to have to do is:

A. Open up XWE
B. Create a lump file type this in it, insert it into your wad this way
C. Create Sprites, align them as such, ok, now create this lump to track the sprites and now this Decorate script, etc.


I'm not evern sure where the hell to begin.

Maybe if Weasel's tutorials had small wads with single weapon examples I could figure it out?

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Well if your that unsure, i wrote a quick step-by-step guide that may be of use to you on the thread below. Just scroll down a little.


Just instead of copy/pasting monster code, copy/paste gun code. Im pretty sure the all knowing wiki has it somewhere in there. From there you can kind of figure things out by modifying code and such.

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