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Largest Doom Map

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I'm afraid I didn't like this version as much as the previous version I have (dated 2006-04-11). The extra areas felt tacked on and pointless - especially the part with the red key, with all those barons, it was just stupid, having to restock on rockets and cells, having to run the entire length of the level to do so, because there were so many.

Also you can't get 100% kills since imps tend to get knocked into the very deep nukage pool south of the blue key (sector #170), and weird silver textures have appeared in various windows and other places. It turned out they were meant to be translucent, so I think you need to say that it needs translucency switched on, because some people don't, as it makes things look awful and washed out.

Don't get me wrong, I really like your maps - huge architecture, high ceilings, height variations, lots of big windows, openness, outdoor areas, lots of monsters etc - I just think they could do with more polish, and testing.

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I will re-do that section and make steps leading down there and make it a normal sector maybe. This version is just the version I have hacked on since uploading it to /IDGames.

I will not be reppalcing that version so you have a choice of which version to play.

And the Windows below the nukage level looking into Sector 170 only work with translucency with Zdoom .98. I tried it with prboom 2.4.0 and they will not work properly. I will re-do the red key area and put more computers in there. I am trimming down the monsters numbers and I will be acting on your suggestions and updating this map with your suggestions.

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I have finished this map and made it much more fun to play. I removed the extra areas and changed the huge nukage pit into an area you can go down into and fight in. Now it is easier to get %100 kills. There are only a few Barons in this map now and I can easily get through it without much backtracking.

Have Fun with this.

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EDIT: I apologize for the ranty-ness of this post. I didn't realize the length until I was finished typing it.

While I've always enjoyed this map, and liked seeing it progress, I hate this version. That might be too strong a word, but there was a pretty significant drop in the enjoyment that I got out of it this time and it's sad to see it happen to a map I previously was very fond of.

The very first thing I noticed was the lack of shotgunners at the beginning. No problem, though I did like the frantic feeling they gave while you started the map, taking fire and looking for some cover.

Next, the removal of the transparent textures. This was an improvement. They hadn't been damaging to gameplay, but were surely an eyesore. You also took out the new tree sprites. To be honest, I'm not sure which I liked better, but this is hardly something to fret over. I think either sprite works fine.

When things started to go downhill was when I noticed the change to the chaingun. That's pretty lame, I thought, but if the rest of the changes are for the better, I can deal with this one.

I was taking a lot of damage from zombiemen, but I figured I was just having some bad luck and they were unusually accurate. My sound was down really low, so I didn't pick up on the change until later when I started to pay attention to the huge chunks of health they were taking. Two shells? I hate to say it, but I think that's a horrible idea.

Running through the level, I noticed some texture changes, and while I didn't like them, I wasn't really worried about it. Upside-down startan? I'm not complaining, but it just seemed silly.

After dying at the hands of a shotgun zombieman, I idclipped through the level to see what else was different. The loss of the deep nukage pool was a big improvement, as was the removal of the huge room with the barons, cyber, and mastermind.

Finally, I did an idfa just to see if anything had been done to the plasma rifle, since I had read the new name of the gun in the patch. This might just be me, but again I didn't think the changes were for the better. It looks weird to fire shadow plasma and it’s certainly overpowered. True, you can't fire it very far now, but still, up close, it's ridiculously powerful.

In the end, I think just about everything you did with the DeHackEd patch made gameplay less fun, or simply had no purpose (like the different text for pickups and locked doors, etc.) I think you'd be better off removing it completely. You've got a great level, it's just ruined by changes to the way it's played.

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Thought the original (yeah, all 9 million Barons and Cybers included) was a better version. Though, I guess that's just my taste.

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Right well I would say the architecture is fine now. However, you're going to hate me for saying this but I think you took too many of the monsters out! I'm not sure about those weapon upgrades and I think the replacement trees looked better, but I didn't mind the double shotgun troopers.

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I have removed the DEH patch and I have added a new experimental map as E1M2. I hope you like this map now, I know there are not as many monsters in this map, but I think the Barons are still challenging. They can come from anywhere and throw plasma from some distance. And I put the matter transporter conveyor belt from the original version.

E1M2 uses a bug from prboom, so I think it will only work properly in prboom 2.2.6 to 2.4.1.

#define EDIT 1

Just tested it in Zdoom .98 and the E1M2 \thing does work. Sweetness and light.

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