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Various editing questions..

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Hi guys.

First off, i played a wad with dual weapons. If you make 2 weapons and a sprite...easy enough, but how do you choose to make 2 bullet holes instead of acting as just one gun still.
How do you change the number of hits?

2nd question

How do you make it so when you walk on water, it makes a splash

3rd question

How do you make a coke machine for example that gives you health

4th question

In whacked 2, you cannot change new weapons or add new states, how can i add more states?

5th question

How do you edit the monster strings (player was killed by an imp)
and how do you assign the string and action to a sprite

Thanks, hope to get some help!

(based on zdaemon usage)

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If the shots happen simultaneously, then you need to insert a frame (with a weapon codepointer) with a 0 delay right before the first shot.

Use the TERRAIN zdoom lump. Not sure how well it works in ZDaemon, or if it does at all. If it does, it will only make a splash as you enter. You can find information on this on the ZDoom wiki.

The only thing I can think of is spawning a health potion in front of the machine via the Thing_Spawn action special. I do not think ZDaemon supports Thing_Heal at the moment (although I've never tested it).

You cannot add states, you can only change them. If you need more states, use the unused ones (pain elemental respawn) or sacrifice a monster your wad will not use. Remember, dehacked is for changing, not adding.

For obituaries: http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=7846
Your other question: you can't.

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