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Build your own Freedoom!

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Last week I checked the Freedoom deutex tree into Subversion. You can find this here. This means that you can now check out the latest copy from Subversion and build your own Freedoom if you want.

Also of interest is the attic, where I've been moving all of the old unused stuff (old versions of shotguns, textures, etc). There's some great stuff in there that mod makers may find useful or interesting.

Building your own Freedoom

At the moment, you need a Unix system (Linux, BSD, etc) to build Freedoom on. I've only built on Linux so far. It may be possible to build under Cygwin on Windows. The main Unix dependency is the need for symbolic links.

To build, you will need:

  • make (probably GNU make)
  • A bourne-compatible shell (there are shell scripts in there)
  • deutex (for the whole build)
  • ImageMagick (for generating the title screen)
  • Perl (various scripts are written in it)
Once you have all these installed, check out the Subversion trunk/ directory and run "make all". If all goes well, you should get a bunch of wads in the wads/ directory.

Things will be easier if you have a Debian-based system (including Ubuntu), as Jon has prebuilt packages for deutex.

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zomg, i now have an svn fresh freedoom iwad in my computer box. Thanks fraggle!

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Some pretty cool stuff in the attic. Espi's stuff in particular I think I'll find uses for. Thanks.

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CODOR said:

And if you're not running Debian you'll need Deutex 4.4.902, also available in source form at http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/deutex/fungus/. Older versions expect sounds to be 11kHz, and not all the ones in Freedoom are...

Yup. The latest deutex version allows you to use different sample rates, but this was a limitation of older versions. However, I did develop a patch for deutex 4.4.0 to overcome this.

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fraggle said:

Things will be easier if you have a Debian-based system (including Ubuntu), as Jon has prebuilt packages for deutex.

Note that for etch and sid, you can apt-get install deutex from the main repositories.

Edit: if you install deutex, please consider installing popularity-contest too!

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