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Hard to get doom stuff for sale.

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Only if anthology was in the mix..

$150 for the figurines is still a bargain and the bidding more than likely will go much higher for those pieces alone.

Those boxes of final and ultimate doom are hardly what one would consider rare at this point (and the latter still sold today in some outlets) since i see them regularly myself at computer shows/fairs and even garage sales/friends closets..

Like those old beatles albums from the 60's/70s your older sibling gives you before going off to college/military and you decide to see what there worth and take them to a record con only to find out everybody has those same old beatle albums themselves and some are still sealed like new and hardly fetching more than $10-$20 (of course except the rare ones like with dooms "anthology")

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Cool full set of figures, though the boxes are hardly that rare (he fails to mention that the "signatures" on the Ultimate Doom poster are printed, not authentic).

My opinion regarding the shrinkwrap - it probably would have been better if he'd removed it, as it can create a vacuum and warp the box if left on, as well as degenerate slowly over time and stain the cardboard. These are particularly pertinant issues since the items have probably been sitting around for over 10 years. Best course of action IMO - carefully remove the shrinkwrap and store safely, thus ensuring maximum box quality. I've bought a few "un-opened" copies of various Doom games - almost all of them were bent and disfigured as a result of the wrap being left on too long.

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Its not called shrinkwrap for nothing.

And, while having a real, honest, final doom copy would be nice I payed $120 for id anthology and I consider it to be the most worthwhile piece of my doom collection, so paying $150 in money I most certainly do not have wouldnt work for me.

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I think I paid either £20 or £40 for the anthology straight from the store, to be honest they might as well try and release something like that again.

I might add for the record that the cyberdemon miniature is, imho, of pretty poor quality. I'm a Doom junkie so I wouldn't have any problem with $150 but that is simply for their scarcity's sake.

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Higher Game said:

You're all just wannabes. I own a copy of Doom Collector's Edition! :D

I'm not the only one :P

We are teh hardcore fans :D


I used to have Ultimate and II but my Dad gave them to a mate of his.

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