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SeekerMissile Problem

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Ok here it goes: My monster actor spits a projectile that explodes and releases multiple seekermissile projectiles. My problem is this; the seekermissiles that were spawned from the parent projectile seeks the monster that threw it in the first place, thus the monster hurts himself.

My take on this is that the seekermissles are not inheriting the parent/child
properties of the original projectile that spawned them. If this isn't enough information, ill gladly post my code.

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The problem is that attack code pointers are written assuming that a monster is doing the attacking.

There is a field inside every thing called "target." For monsters, this field points to the thing they are angry at and will try to attack. But for some reason, id decided to make this same field be used by missiles to point back to whomever shot the missile.

So what is happening is that the attack pointer being used by a missile assumes it is dealing with a monster, and it shoots the new projectiles at what it thinks the missile is angry at -- the person who shot the original missile.

This is why only specially programmed codepointers are capable of firing missiles from other missiles without targetting the original object.

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Really? Damn. Does implementing these special code pointers involve modifying source code? If so, i could probably bring this issue up with port authors if it hasn't already.

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