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Selfish Series re-released

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Cool, might have to check this out. I already have most of the series on my hard drive waiting for replaying, but I don't mind replacing them with an updated version.

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Really looking forward to cooping in this with my buddy DarkFyre.. Should be a blast. I loved the original. Downloading now. Congrats on you 10 year anny paul.

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Excellent, I remember maps 2, 3 and 6 from a few years ago, so nice to see there are more in the same series (although map 5 looks more like a death tormention map than a selfish map...)

Having said that map 6 has a broken monster teleporter; sector 235 needs to be tag 29. But perhaps it's for the best, as I found map 4 to be too difficult, too many teleporting archviles and not enough ammo.

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