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Runtime error 424 when choosing a texture

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Hello all,

it has been quite a few years since the good old Doom editing days with Deu2 for me, but I had finally decided to pick up the old editing tools again, when I stumbled over Doom Builder 1.67

Having read some comments by others, seen some screenshots, having read the manual I had to say, it looked like a great program in all ways...

However, trying to create a new Doom2 level, I keep running into the following error when trying to pick a texture or when searching for a texture. It comes up the moment I press "Tab" to see all available textures, although every now and then this does seem to work..

I reckon the quickest way for me to bring up the error is this:

new map
Configuration: Doom2
Level name: Map01
F3 (shortcut to find)
Searchtype: Linedef Texture (stumbled over this first time when reading the manual)
click the browse button next to Find what
Click "TAB'

This is when I (always) get the error below after which I chrash out of Doom Builder without saving anything:

Run-time Error '424'
Object Required

I've got the normal Doom2.wad as IWAD file for Doom2 and no other than default settings, except for some minor changes, which I think have nu influence whatsoever and were suggested by DrSleep's manual. I'm using Doom Builder 1.67 build 375.

I'd be very grateful for any help you guys could give me.

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The only thing I can think of off the top of my head right now is this. Are you selecting multiple linedefs that have different textures? If you do this, pressing TAB to view all textures should cause this error and have Doom Builder closed. I think there is another way to do this, but I can't remember it right now. If you're trying to change the texture for multiple linedefs, make sure they all have the same texture so this error doesn't pop up.

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Thanks for your quick reply!

Actually I did browse (read: search) through the forums first... but I reckon stickies are like manuals, it's what you read last...!

However, installing Version 1.66 did solve all my problems!

Thanks again!

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I came to this problem too. When I explored the bug, I found that the error comes up when pressing TAB when "undefined texture" is selected.
I guess the program is trying to put cursor on the list of the textures, and since "undefined" is not there, it gets stupified.

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