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[Under Construction] The Dark Tower

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The Dark Tower is a single map for GZDoom. It is about 90% or so completed, and I would like some people to try it out and tell me what they think it needs/doesn't need.

GZDoom only
New Weapon: (Twin Revolvers, from The Weapons Mod, the stranger)
New/old enemies: (Note: The Harpy sprite from Sirens is in here. Just to let you know incase you have a problem with something like that.)Fake Hitler(Replaces Super Cacodemon), Caesar/Napoleon(Cleric Sprites) and others...
Textures: Borrowed from Various sources, I will go into more detail once I finish creating the map, and the text file to go along with it as to who the credits belong to.

And of course various other goodies...

Heres the Link:


Just scroll down and look for the file "The Dark Tower"
It may take some time to download, considering certain aspects. It is in .wad format for now, it isn't zipped up.

And let me know what you think.
Be sure to have fun...

But not to much...

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I would recommend providing your wads in a compressed format, such as the zip format. Your 6mb wad would be a lot smaller then.

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All right, all set, my apologies about that. This computer that I'm on now has some 'issues' when it comes to zipping. So I sent my file to my fathers computer this morning, and now it should be in .zip format.

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