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the to do list

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well i took a sick day today, had a bad case of the shits! so while i was looking through my room a found a 2gb hard drive in my box-o-shit and decided to kill time by seeing if i could install it into an older 486 system, hey u can never have too much HD space. well i didnt think it would work, was useing a 540meg drive, but i was wrong. after playing with the BIOS, had to set the bith up the old way, and a little with FDISK i got it to run perfect. now i can play more doom wads on that system, and free up the other computer cause i got about 600megs of wads! However i got to set the system up all agian: install DOS, install win3.11, install drivers, set up autoexec, set up memory manager, install doom and wads, install other games

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