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Nightmare Doom

Victorian era theme maps.....

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Uhhhhh, no. I doubt it. But you like old west themed maps right? Yeah, you like old west themed maps.

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I was once going to make a Sherlock Holmes (its his creator's birthday today, dontcha know) style wad, which would be a heavily-scripted zdoom hub where you'd travel around talking to people, finding and analysing evidence and stuff like that to find a murderer, it was going to be set around the 1890's, but i know nothing about zdoom editing, so it never got done

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Well, I did have a idea set during a alternive timeline where the Native Ameican Indians actually completed the "Ghost Dance" but the results had deceptive effects...instead of wiping out the White Man and restoring N. America to it's original pre-columbian form, it actually opened up gateways across the globe, unleshing Other dimensional Demons who rampaging across the World driving mankind into extintiction....Your character is a Cherokee Indian appearently the only surivior of the entire human race whose goal to elinmate any threat that comes through your way....including the source of the Invansion. Now there actually 6 epidsodes, The Wild West, Victorian Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Hell itself

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