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Eternity buildable using Dev-C++

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I've managed to get Eternity to build with Dev-C++. You need to install it and follow the directions on this page:


You need SDL 1.2.10 for MinGW, and SDL_mixer 1.2.7 for VC6 (MinGW can use it as well). The only problem is that once Dev-C++ is up and you've loaded the project, you have to go to Project Options and adjust the include path (it is an option given to the compiler starting with -I).

The instructions on that page assume that people are using #include <SDL.h> instead of #include "SDL.h" -- the former is actually incorrect, since SDL is not part of any standard library -- this is why you need to take the extra step to point the compiler to wherever you put the SDL/SDL_mixer headers.

Anyways, I'm hoping this gives people a new and somewhat easier way to compile Eternity than messing with out-of-date makefiles and trying to build SDL by hand.

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Quasar said:

and SDL 1.2.7 for VC6

This isn't on the SDL website near as I can tell. Where can I find it?

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Woops, that is supposed to say SDL_mixer 1.2.7 (the latest release of that library, which contains the new Mix_LoadMUS_RW function). I'll fix it in my original post.

EDIT: Be sure to get THE latest SVN build. I just fixed some problems this morning :)

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Ah, so you finally got it to compile. Wasn't this a great idea :P

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I wanted to do some eternity hacking on this newly reinstalled box. So I:

1. downloaded and installed dev-c++ and turtoise SVN.
2. Did the "SVN Checkout" thing to get the sources.
3. Double clicked the dev-cpp/Eternity.dev to open it in dev-c++.
4. Hit the compile button and crossed my fingers.

'Could not create Makefile: "c:\devel\eternity-svn\trunk\eternity\dev-cpp\Makefile.win" I/O error: 32'

Bah, I haven't been able to figure out why... any ideas?

I figured it out. The project file contains an absolute path "c:\Software Dev\eternity\source\devobj" which do not exist on my computer, changing this to a relative path "..\source\devobj" fixed the error.

Hooray for misleading errormessages!

While I'm at it, I might aswell mention that I also had to add P_map3d.c and .h to the project to make it compile. But now it compiles without error.

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Yeah the Dev-Cpp project is a bit out of date; I always put off updating it until right before the next release.

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