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XWE claims wolf3d support but won't open any wolf files. Am I not doing something? I want to grab the music but I read somewhere that the format can't be converted to mid so maybe this is useless just as well...

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To open a Wold3D file, go to File|Open and click "More XWE files" in the file type box. The filename filter seems to have a 255 character limit. All the supported extensions didn't fit, I had to break it into two. You can also just use "All Files".

The music is in the AUDIOT.* files. They are in a proprietary, old format called "IMF", which targetted for Adlib soundcards. They cannot be converted to MID to my knowledge (or at least I don't know of any converters).

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I just downloaded an IMF codec for Winamp and used that. It's really quiet however.
I'm really more interested in getting the sound effects out of the game, but I can't find much to do it with. There's a DOS program that will access some of the sounds, but I can't get it to work, not even in Windows 98.

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