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Intermission maps?

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Do they happen often in the homebrew level scene? Are they only a DOOM(1).WAD inherited aspect? Wouldn't it be cool to store the whole, say, 15 level evolution into an "installation" screen with graphic evolutions ala Tower of Babel?

So are intermission maps being enabled as a lump in maps?

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Scientist said:

I must say I don't remember ever seeing a custom version of it.

Mr Smiley Heads Safari had them :P

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Ebon said:

"You are here" maps wouldn't be bad idea for zDoom hubs.

It could probably be done. When the player left an area on Tei Tenga, it would change the camera to a small box with something like a space ship flying through space or something and say "Now leaving so and so".
You could probably do something like that, only with a texture of a map, and another of an arrow.

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