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Unusual dispositions

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Collected on the internet (original URL seems to be down):

A man who broke into a high school, stole a schoolgirl’s swimsuit and then defecated in it as he pranced around wearing the garment has been arrested, police said.

Yasuhisa Matsushita, 25, a temporary employment agency worker from Fukuroi, Shizuoka Prefecture, was arrested for trespassing and willful destruction of property.

Matsushita admits to the allegations.

“I did it because it felt so good,” Matsushita told the police.

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I remember a story in The Sun (where else?) about a bloke who was obsessed with manure, in a sexual way, he kept breaking into the cowsheds of a nearby farm in skimpy red thongs and masturbating in piles of it

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Like in certain internet forums *cough..impse..cough* ;-)

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