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peach freak

Can't use the search function in Doom Builder

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This has been happening since yesterday, and I don't know what caused this. When I pressed F3 to search for a Sector and a thing, I couldn't press the "..." button to I could find the sector effect and the thing number, so I couldn't search for anything. Does anyone here know what is causing this? Is this a 1.67 bug? This was working fine until yesterday, and I don't know what caused this. Thanks.

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I looked for this (also in v. 1.67), and the '...'-button is also here disabled for certain search types. It's active with other search types, so it appears to be intentional.


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The "..." button is only to browse and select from a list of known types/textures/things. The searches for which you just have to specify an index number (Sector number, sector tag, linedef number, etc), the "..." button is useless, hence why it is disabled for those search types.

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