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chicken and the egg

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So scientists are now saying that the egg came before the chicken. I don't understand why scientists would actually have to research this, because they seem to be simply stating the obvious.

I mean, who actually thought it was the chicken? Everyone knows that evolution is a form of genetic mutation, and occurs intergenerationally. Like, which makes more sense:

1. A predecessor of the chicken lays an egg with a mutated embryo we now call the chicken
2. A predecessor of the chicken wakes up one morning magically transformed into a chicken

Unless, of course, evolution is a lie and chickens just came magically into being. So maybe the whole "chicken vs. the egg" debate was actually just a metaphor for "creationism vs. evolution".

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They didn't "research" anything; they debated it. The debate was sponsored by Disney to promote the movie Chicken Little. Go figure.

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Oh, well maybe I should have bothered reading the article. But everyone knows that the best ideas come at the whims of Disney.

And apparently it was a pretty lousy debate if everyone agreed with one another.

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