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i know this might not be the most appropriate place for it, buuut its the most active forum i know of PLUS its where i learned about mod files (THX GUYYYS)

well what im lookin for is a converter for .mod, .it, .s3m, etc to make them into mp3s.

ive found like one or 2 programs but theyre really lame and i have to open the file, then save as. i have like a hundred or so i want to convert to mp3, so i need kind of an automated one where it goes thru a list or batch converter or whatever the hell its called. i dont want to spend hours opening the file, then saving as.

know of anything? thx again guys

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outside of winamp, do those other 2 suggestions allow a playlist or multitude of files to be converted, one after the other, or is it one at a time, then i gotta chose another then do that one, then another etc

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both suggestions are the same, essentially. :P and yeah, it's one at a time only as far as i know.

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