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How do zdoom's sndseq overrides work?

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I am guessing that the following things work in this manner:

* 1400-1409 select sequences 1 through 10 and are for Hexen compatibility.
* 1411 accepts the sound sequence number in args[0].

Is this correct?

1400  	"Sound Sequence Override #1"
1401	"Sound Sequence Override #2"
1402	"Sound Sequence Override #3"
1403	"Sound Sequence Override #4"
1404	"Sound Sequence Override #5"
1405	"Sound Sequence Override #6"
1406	"Sound Sequence Override #7"
1407	"Sound Sequence Override #8"
1408	"Sound Sequence Override #9"
1409	"Sound Sequence Override #10"
1411	"Sound Sequence Override"

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Actually, 1400-1409 select sequences 0-9 (0 is a valid index here) and 1411 sets the sequence to args[0], except when args[0]==255. In that case it sets the sector to the default handling for the game being played. That option is in there because you can force the engine to use sequence 0 as default with a MAPINFO option.

There are different lists for platform and door sounds so index 0 for a door is not the same as index 0 for a lift.
ZDoom also has a third list, called 'Environment' which is used for Heretic's scripted ambience things.

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