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Need a couple pix, please!

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Hi there, looooongtime Doomfan, first time poster on NewDoom forums.

I've recently got a PDA, and I've filled it with all sorts of Doom items, graphics, music, etc. however I can't figure out how to take screenshots from Doom 1 (I have original Doom, Doom95, Doom Legacy, and most every other version) without having the console visible. I'd love to get screenshots from the old original.

Also, I'd love to get the PDA background from Doom 3, the one you get when you sign in or out and it's loading the regular level. Unfortunately do to my lousy PC, all I have is the Xbox version of Doom 3 and RoE, so in this case posting or emailing me a jpg would be the best answer.

If nobody can help me take a screenshot myself, (I used to know how to do that, but it's been a very long time since I've done it, and I can't find out how to do it in the manual) what I'd most like is if someone posted either here or in my email, the opening screen of the first Doom (not the title screen, but when you first come into the very first level).

Thanks in advance for anyone's help on any of this.


Can anyone

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From the old DOS engine you can do two things:

A) Run it with "devparm":

doom -devparm

And then use the F1 key to take shots. The shots will be saved into your DOOM directory, numbered sequentially. These are "clean" shots that exclude Doom's internal gamma correction, texts (like the item pick up lines) and the palette effects when you get hit or pick stuff up. This is useful when taking many screen shots during one game.

B) If you're in a fullscreen DOS screen in Windows hit Print Screen, minimize DOOM (with Alt+Tab, for example) fire up your favorite graphics editing application (Paint, The GIMP, etc.) and paste into a blank image (of at least and preferrably 320x200 res). You will get a screenshot that includes everything (gamma, texts, patette changes). This is useful for an exacting screen shot.

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Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately I don't have the DOS one loaded on my system.

Before I go dig it out, can you make any other suggestions?

If you know a way I can do it with Legacy, that'd be great, since Legacy would give me a high-res image.

But even so, thank you again for your help. :)

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Doom95 and Legacy can do option A, though you need to launch them through a short cut, batch file or the command line, adding the "devparm" command:

doom95 -devparm

legacy -devparm

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thanx again

Unfortunately when I did it with 95, the image came out in black and white. I noticed no effect with Legacy.

With legacy the command is launcher.exe -devparm right?

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