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Programming games into GBAs

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I have two questions here:
1) Some ppl talked here 'bout utilities extracting ROMs from Gameboy Advance catridges - is it possible to program a new .ROM and store it back into a GBA catridge? For me, I'd just love to make it so I play my very own space-combat game on the GBA during boring class school... How do I program GBA games?

2) Does GBA Doom {1} have a map editor?

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there is no gba doom level editor. However, you can port user made levels for the PC into the gba doom rom. There is a hacking tool I made a few weeks ago called gbadmake.

But I won't recomend hacking gba doom unless you have good experience with the doom engine.

If you want to make your own gba games, I suggest you get this compiler called devkitPro. There you'll find all the tools you need to compile your own gba roms.

Also tutorials and everything else can be found here

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