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Favorite Resource wad?

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Out of all the texture packs on the Afterglow website, what would have to be your favorite? My favorite would have to be the Mortiser Resources. That texture pack seems to have a texture for any theme one might have: Jungle, Desert, Tundra, tech, midieval, or hellish.
It's the only texture pack I really need. :)

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Enjay's "texture patch" that let you use DOOM 1 textures in DOOM 2. Some serious classic DOOM stuff can be done with this.

Edit: I just checked Mortiser Resources, great stuff, very solid.

Another edit: I almost forget, Nmn's texture packs are top notch, Enjay and Nmn's are the only texture packs that I really used.

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Alpha resources. Because you cannot say most of this stuff fits perfectly with Doom as it is now.

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