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Doom Fanfic (No S*it, Sherlock!)

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Hello! I'm a new guy here...and I say hi.

anyway, I wanted to get my fanfic a bit more exposure, and more than willing to take suggestions, as long as they're plausable (no OMFG D00D You suckzorz!!!!!!!!#@$21342521341) Thanks for reading this...

on to the link.


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OMFG D00D You suckzorz!!!!!!!!#@$21342521341

Jk obviously. Was pretty good, not the best i've read but nicely done either way good job cant wait for the next part :)

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Pretty good man,
Reminds me of a pulp fiction novel from the fifties but it's techically good (grammar etc)
Keep it up, it's easy to loose motivation. I've got an unfinished Doom novel sitting on my desk at the moment :/ Maybe I'll finish the thirty pages and just post it somewhere. . . Regardless: the moral is, don't loose faith :D

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ty, I'm currently working on the second half, TNT, and I'm kinda having a doubt on whether I should finish it, but I thank you a lot ^_^ I Feel so much better about how I've been writing.

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