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Helper idea

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I've been thinking that if DooM is populated by devils, demons and possessed humans, then there should be someone specialized in exorcising them.

Via MBF friendly flag I'm thinking about creating Priests (or Monks) of Christian rite (because they don't fight or meditate like the far eastern ones), who attack like archviles (by HOLY-firing), but more powerful, by chanting while reading a gospel... If you played aD&D games then you might know the 'Turn Undead' ability Clerics have.
Since Doom shows material demons I think it's appropiate to also include priests with real exorcism abilities.
So how do you think? Would it offend strong christians in any way? I bet No. Since they'd be the good guys here.

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Probably in Hexen or Heretic, but DOOM it's more about "demons from a fantastic evil realm invade our world, where we only have weapons to battle them". Helper marines or even robots it's a thing, but helper priests/wizards is another (specialy if these are stronger than the demons).
The only way I think that priests could fit well in DOOM is in the Betruger's way (a crazy but incredible skilled man help the demons to invade us, and then eventualy end being manipulated by the monsters, or turns into the leader of the dark army by trickery).

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It's a cool idea, but to really make it work what I would do is...:

Have your buddy arch-vile like priest, but to be fair, he later gets possessed and you you have to fight him in all his uber powered glory. Equals out that way, he kicks some serious demon butt but then you gotta tackle his hardcoreness later on. I'm sure there's some intriguing story line to go along with it too. One of probably a million ideas people will have for something like this :)

Of course it'll be hard to make a combat-priest. Combat medics, that's doable, but priests may pose a problem to make sure he fits in to the realm Doom has set up.

Good luck if ya do it though :D

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Reply to Vegeta (my favourite front-of-computer salty meal with vegetables, which is coincidentally also called Vegeta):

Well I was not refering to the priest from the fabled fairy tales or video games. Not to look like a teutonic/templar/ioanite knight... Not to be a graphic-stolen Cleric from Hexen.
I was suggesting introducing exactly the priest fellow type from your nearby church.
His archvile attack mainly would consist in repeated jumps (as with demon exorcism, roughly) and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, would not have any special effects, just be invisible. The attack sound would consist of sequenced prayers and chants, extracted from various existing sources, and also from designer's voice.
Also the actor (we won't call this a monster :) sprite could be borrowed from the mage (or monk) from some other game, and modified to look like a christian priest.

While his attack may not be the most balanced, while he may look out of place, I still see him as an entertaining guest appearance.
Why not to meet a priest in a church level?

[grabs some Vegeta right now]

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