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Satan lives in Michingan

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I knew when i seen this thread it was about "Hell" michigan. that place is strange with the way the buildings are painted and all. and its small (the town part) just a little road (mostly on dirt) and a bridge to the right that has been out for ages. been out there a few times with friends cruising mostly at night, but never acutaly stopped to check any thing out.

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Bucket said:

I'm more inclined toward Official Punch an Emo in The Face Day.

heh, I saw that image. Does anyone have a link to it?

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Yeah, it'll be great...too bad it's not the last day of school. >:(

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* Hell, Michigan
* Hell, Norway
* Hell, California, a place in Riverside County.
* Hell, Gelderland, town in Putten, the Netherlands
* Hell, Grand Cayman, a place in the Cayman Islands
* Hell (crater), a lunar crater named after Maximilian Hell
* Hells Canyon, a canyon created by the Snake River in the United States
* Hell Creek, a place in Montana notable for Cretaceous dinosaur fossils
* Hell Gate, a narrow tidal channel in the East River in New York City
* Hell Gate Bridge, a 1,017-foot (310 m) steel arch railroad bridge in New York City
* Hells Gate State Park, a state park in Idaho
* Hell Hole Gorge National Park, a national park in Queensland, Australia
* Hell's Kitchen, a neighborhood in New York City


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