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Korgoth of Barbaria

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For those of you who get Adult Swim; a new pilot(Korgoth of Barbaria), has recently been shown. It features a good story; voice acting, animation, and brutality.

The brutality is not merely the whips and pows of most cartoons; I'm talking the skin flaying, bone ripping, side axing, eyeball popping, flaming skull throwing I'm sure we all have come to love.

Speaking of voice acting, it features some very familiar voices, such as Diedrich Bader(Hoss Delgado), Tom Kenny (Patchy the Pirate, Patrick Star), and a plethora of others.

We can only hope it's picked up for another season as it's surely worth it.

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I rather enjoyed it. Having played D&D in times past, it succeeded as a total spoof of the game (imo) which is just great. Also, thanks for the info; I thought Korgoth's voice was done by Patrick Warburton.

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caco_killer said:

When is the show on? The Adult Swim site is weird right now, and I can't read the schedule.

It's not really "on", the pilot just aired last night.

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watching Korgoth of Barbaria somehow reminded me of the 1980s animated film Heavy Metal..

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