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Do people do wad passes?

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Do you people from Doomworld make maps partially, then you pass them to someone you trust, so they'll have the job to finish it?

I did have made a pretty cool Shores-of-hell style map for Doom 1, back when I was younger, but I'll never manage to finish it.

To face it, this map was planned to be based on Terry Pratchett's "temple of Bel-Shamharoth"(sp?) from "The Colour of Magic"-the boss being a spiderdemon...
The map itself was constructed with WinDEU, and 'cause of that, I couldn't keep myself stuck into an octagon (the shape in the book). The result is a very complicated network of passages, niches and big verticalities, in a very creepy atmosphere (level is E2M6). It keeps in the style of sparse-but-deadly encounters, as with the later levels of e3.

If the map pass works, and if there's someone willing (& THRUSTWORTHY) to continue this map, then I'll be happy to share it. As for screenshots-I'll show them when they should be.

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My map is definitely not a large project, although I'd be curious to see how it melds when constructed separately by two authors. The trouble is that I have no guarantee that the other person gives me full credit...

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Look for the Zdoom community map, that was passed bewteen lots of authors who added bits and bits to it, its incredible, like a melding of loads of different styles (and one gigantic secret area that just keeps on going into new rooms and places), and theres even a serious sam style arena bit which is quite fun

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