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DOOM Bible maps already finished?

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I'd like to know how many of you designed maps following the "instructions" of the DOOM Bible? Just an idea, what if we join them all in a single wad? This should require to make some selections as some maps tend to be more popular to be recreated, but may be we can get an eight level episode or so.

Here are mine (all of them are some years old, so the detail is a bit poor, and they are short, some work should be needed yet they don't have any crazy badly textured stuff):

-Hangar 2
-Supply Depot 2
-Waste Processing Facility
-Enlisted Quarters / Recreation and Training Center (both in one)
-Control Center/Power Plant

I have other maps that may be copy-pasted
-Sewers (plays like E1M8) -Outside the sewers (some random stuff like a loundry, water processing, storage, and hallways) -A boss level a bit similar to Tower of Babel in structure but UAC base style.

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The other episodes (with otherwise cool names) are up to one's volition. Only the first one is set.

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i uhhh kinda made a map with elements from the doom bibles description of the first map.

it was going to be part of a hub with new weapons and monsters and bosses and puzzels and a bunch of other idea i don't have the time nor tecnical expertise to get off the ground.

the hanger where the players are playing cards in at the start of the first level. in my mod, this isn't where you start, but the description of the room sounded cool so I threw it in.

the Hanger with the crain. see those turrets on the roof? I was going to put a cool item in the middle of that room, but the only way to get it without dying was to turn the turrets friendly using a "hacking device" found on another level.

the canyon. yay

the mono rail. in my mod, you had to get to restore power to it (ar the power station)befor you could ride it. note, those lamps are from one of the doom alphas.

e1m1 tribute... lol roll-ee chairs.

unfortunately I'm not much of a mapper, nor am I a patient man. and I mostly made it to see what it might look like.

but hey, if anyone what's this mostly unfinished map, let me know.

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Looking good, seems to be a large map, probably could work for "Main Hangar". Let just wait if we have another offers. If we have a decent percentage I'll do the grouping stuff (if you give me permission of course).
Meanwhile let see what we have: (+ means done or just needing some work, - means nothing done).

+Hangar Two
+Supply Depot Two
+Waste Processing Facility
+Enlisted Quarters
+Recreation and Training Center
-Officers' Quarters:
-Personal Storage:
+Control Center/Power Plant:
-Supply Depot One:
+Main Hangar

I remember to have an offices map, with a bit of random stuff like storage, janitor's room, restroom, and other things, it may be used too.

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