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bryant robinson

removing unused textures from wadfile?

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I have a 12 meg texture file, but i am using about 30% of its textures. How can i get rid of all those unused textures? I dont want to upload a 20 meg wad and half the textures are not being used in the wad itself.

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Removing the unused graphics from the wad is the first step, but you will need to remove any texture entries from the TEXTURE1 lump that use these graphics. You can view and edit this lump with a lump management utility like XWE (MAKE BACKUPS OF YOUR WAD PLEASE). I don't think you will need to modify the PNAMES lump as long as you delete all of the unused texture entries in TEXTURE1. You don't want to rebuild PNAMES without updating your TEXTURE1 lump by hand, so it's best just to leave it alone.

If you were looking for some automated utility, you might look at Deepsea's error checking menu. There's a command called "Automatically remove extra texture names", but im not really sure what it does.

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