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Eye of the beholder 3 - Funny behaviour...

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I'm having big troubles using XWE to extract some EOB3 resources.

I'm on WinXP and using XWE 1.16.

Sometimes, obviously randomly and after a while, some pictures can be viewed when I click on the resources list loaded from eye.res. But most of the time, I simply get raw data ? Rather frustrating... :)

Can you help me ? What did i missed ?

Thank you for your help (and keep up the good work ! ;) )

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It shouldn't be random at all. XWE can read some entries, but not all. A few will display incorrectly. Whatever shows as raw data meant that either those type of lumps had no value (e.g. just text, or some program data), or I wasn't able to figure out how to display it.

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I know it's really weird, but I assure you that there is a part of apparent 'randomness'. For exemple, I ONCE get the champion's portait to be displayed. Most of the time, I can't. The image of delmair 'tiger forest outtake" is most of the time displayed ok, but sometimes not !

In fact, after some experiments, I suspect that the order of the entries you click on influence the result, but I didn't really succeded in identifying a really precise and reproductible manipulation.

Furthermore, I sometimes got curious error messages : "out of system resources" or "the file was still open".

Any clue ? :)

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Grab the latest beta, I put in a few bugfixes.

For some entries, XWE will read the data, and think it's an image, but it's not. If the width/height is too large, it will try to allocate too much memory (hence of out system resources). The next thing you click on will give you that warning.

Anyway, try the beta and tell me which individual entry is causing the problem (I don't know what you mean by champion's portrait).

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That's it... pictures are now OK (at least all I tried) !! :)

Impressive job... thank you so much for your help !

What was the format used for the pictures ? Custom ? Bitmap ?

Thanks for your time !


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It's a custom (compressed) image format. It was used in other Westwood/SSI titles too.

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