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Naked Snake

The First Strike

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The city, which had once been large, filled with millions was now home to the demons, they had killed all, except for those they had turned into the undead. This city was crucial to the Earth Fighting Force, which had been fighting the demons ever since they invaded, before the marine on Phobos was aware of the threat. A force of 500 soldiers had fought their way into the city, only losing 12 people in the fray. They had scattered, as planned, to take out as many hellspawn as they could. Some were put into groups, they were the ones that had to important jobs. A few arachnatrons were patroling the streets of the city, the pounding of their metal feet echoing off the skyscrapers that surrounded them, either in full or destroyed, as they looked for targets. A barrage of plasmatic energy sailed through the air, towards the spider monsters. The one in front was struck the most, the plasma melting one of its legs, and it fell to the ground with a metallic thud and it howled in rage and pain. The others were not hit as hard and started firing randomly, for they knew not where their attackers hid. When they stopped firing to look around, the three remaining spiders looked around, searching for their unknown assailants. A few rockets sped towards the group of hellions and struck right in the middle, the explosion killing 2 and fatally wounding the other. The 5 warriors who had beaten the creatures climbed down the fire escapes that were near the windows that they had fired from.

On the other side of the city, a lone soldier was creeping through the dark alleys, his MP-5 with stock, scope and silencer clutched in his hands, ready to rock n' roll and the first sign of trouble. He peeked around the corner, seeing nothing, and prepared to venture forth further. He did not see the zombie with the hunting rifle on the balcony. A bullet zinged by the soldier and hit a nearby garbage can, which rattled, shook and fell over upon impact. The swift warrior quickly found shelter behind a large dumpster and waited. The zombie snuffled and did not fire again. The soldier used his knife to reflect around the corner. He identified the location of the zombie and sharply ran from beside the dumpster and fired, the silencer swallowing the sound of the gunfire. The undead beast dropped its rifle and fell over the ledge of the balcony, landing on the pavement with a wet thud. A loud grunt told the fighter that another demon lay ahead, and he prepared his gun once more. The fat monster rounded the corner, its green eyes scanning the darkness, and its large arms pointed forth. The arms were cannons, and the soldier did not want to find out what they fired, so he decided that running away would be the best move.


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...And running away from this would be your best move.

Oh, wait, this is actually readable and coherent, unlike the majority of the things you've posted here, BBG. Nicely done so far.

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