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Celebrity Deathmatch: A Triumphant Return?

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After four years of reruns, MTV2 (the cartoon block) has started the new season of CDM. It's being released by a new animation company (as opposed to the defunct MTV Animation department) and features new style, voice, and contestants (although some killed-off characters are returning).

While the new show is entertaining, and everything we loved about the original CDM, the new animation style is not to my personal liking. And replacing the voices of Johnny and Nick seems to be too bold of a move. It's hard to anticipate how this show will be received, however, the first episode already made fun of several MTV characters (Bam Margera, Don Vito, etc.), much like the famous Beavis vs Butt-Head episode.

I like it well enough, however, the claymation style just isn't "dark" enough; not to say that there is a lack of gibs and guts, but everyone just seems too bright and smoothed.

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I saw it while flipping channels the other day. I used to love that show and catch it all the time, but slowly stopped watching it. I noticed when I saw it recently how different everything looked, and I assumed since it was part of "Sic-imation" or whatever that it was fan-made since it looked and sounded so much different. I prefer the old series.

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