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[serious bug]DB crash

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Okay, whenever I select linedef action in DB, it crashes, what's the deal?
edit: using GZDoom mode and it's edited with the new stuff in it.

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KingofFlames said:

... and it's edited with the new stuff in it.

Did you personally edit the stuff in? If so, I suggest not using your .cfg and wait for someone competent enough to add new things to it. What is missing from the gzdoom.cfp from the gzdoom homepage anyway that you needed to add?

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For all its good points, DB has a nasty habit of crashing when it finds something it doesn't like, rather giving you an informative error-message and then exiting gracefully. When it does give errors, it usually doesn't specify the line in the configuration file that cause the problem.

I too had this problem; in the end the custom DECORATE things had to be re-added into a clean copy of the configuration file.

Hint: it would also be nice to have an option to tell DB to not add into its own DECORATE list any classes found in DECORATE lumps inside the loaded WAD files.

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