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Version of ACC.exe in the current patch.

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Related to this. The version of ACC that is currently bundled with DoomBuilder I think is the same version as in the thread I linked to. I have scripts that worked fine until I overwrote acc.exe in the last patch, the script caused errors (in regards to world arrays). Downloading the windows acc.exe from zdoom.org fixed the script again.

Not a big deal, but something that might cause problems for some people and be difficult to track down without knowing the cause. It would only take a few seconds to 'fix' anyway. Hopefully all these minor things I point out aren't annoying.

Anyway, everything else is working great, no problems. Although, I did get one crash when I tried to enter 3d mode without making any other changes to the map, but it is probably related to the other problems with nodes I mentioned in the other thread.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I see Randy released a new ACC version just after I released DB 1.68. I will ofcourse include it in the next version, but for now people will have to download acc.exe from the ZDoom website. I'll sticky this so people will have the answer when they run into the same problem.

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