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Psi Omega

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Looking great, although that grate flat isn't aligned. Looking forward to playing, though! ;)

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Great :) I've been spending all day to code shell ejection.. urgh.. finally it's starting to be succesful...

mickeymouse said:

is this based on the game psi omega?

Umm... What do you mean by that? Is there someone else than me doing a game named Psi Omega?

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The gun model looks good, but the hand stretches out too far across the screen and looks very awkward. Bring the elbow in, so to speak.

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mickeymouse said:

Sorry sorry i meant psi ops i thought that's what it was.

Aha, great... My mod is based on the greek letters Psi and Omega :P Probably no psionic powers will be in the game.. But if I will have.. I have some ideas what they will do :D

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