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3d floor support in 3d mode/compromise.

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I've heard people ask for 3d floor and slopes in 3d mode for a while now. And the answer persist being that it's not gonna happen unless you get a major free time to rewrite the 3d engine.

Now,. I have an idea for how to make a 3d floor compromize that would atleast let you align the 3d floors textures in 3d view (something that usually is a real nightmare)

Now, the 3d floors themselves are not the important part of the display, but the textures on the sides, for more reasons than one. But the main two reasons being that you will get a good idea on where the floor will end up (when you for instance want to align a texture with a 3d floor etc), and how tall it will be etc. Aswell as being able to manipulate the textures.

The 3d view can already handle middle textures on two sided walls, what I am suggesting is that you simply make the 3d floors be represented by the same method as is being used to display the middle textures. I don't know if it'll be possible for you to cut the textures on the Y scale to adhere to the height of the 3d floor, but atleast consider this method (toggelable like the things in 3d view thing of course) So you can atleast go over the alignment of the textures aswell as get a rought estimation of what the map will look like with the 3d floors.

Maybe you also could use the same rendering code you use to make the transparent box in things to display a 3d floor structure, so the editor can look at his structure that way too. TBH I think that I personally would prefer that more than actual exact 3d floor depiction anyway.

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3D floor support is certainly possible - I added it when I adapted DB for SRB2, which uses Legacy's 3D floor implementation (see this thread). It doesn't allow texture alignment yet, but that would be simple enough to add.

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