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program to make textures

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I need info on where to find a program to make textures.
Anyone know where to find one?
If you do please tell me.

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There isn't any "DOOM texture maker" program that include patches of diferent kind of bricks, skulls, symbols, and what not (it that's what you're asking for).

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Craigs said:

paint or adobe photoshop.

How do i make it work on doom/heretic if i make a texture on paint/photoshop?

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Use Wintex (search in the IDgames archive) or XWE (xwe.com) to import that texture into your wad file as a patch, then use the texture maker to insert that patch into a texture. Most textures in normal wads are made from a single patch (the texture) but most in doom are made from many patches. This system lets you make something like a "DANGER" sign and then have that sign on brick walls, wooden walls, metal walls etc without having to make lots of different individual bitmaps

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