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Texture alignment problems with prboom

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I have a problem with the display of texture alignments when running my PWAD with PrBoom under Windows. The same occurred using OpenGL PrBoom under Windows. The WAD is very big, around 1.5 MB. When it was in its earlier stages, the problem did not occur. It arose only with the last trimmings before finishing the map. But I cannot pinpoint the change that caused it.

A sizable part of the textures display badly aligned though there are all correctly set. I run the PWAD with ZDOOM under Windows and it displayed correctly. I have sent the PWAD to other people and they run it with PrBoom under Linux and there it displayed as it should.

Any ideas how to solve the problem?

Thank you

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Normally this type of problem occurs because of a bug/failing with zdbsp. It doesn't bother calculating the offsets correctly because Zdoom ignores this information and calculates them itself when it plays the wad. Other exes use the information from the nodes, and so if it is wrong, then the textures will be displayed wrongly.

If you rebuild the nodes with Zennode or glBSP (building Normal as well as GL nodes), the problem should vanish. I can vouch for the latter, as I have always found it reliable.

I understand that the problem may have been fixed in a very recent version of zdbsp, but I haven't verified that for myself, and am not sure if this is an "official" release as yet. Graf Zahl will be able to give details.

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The bug is fixed in the latest version. Download 1.8 and try again. It contains several other fixes as well (most notably the notorious missing overlapping linedefs issue.)

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Thank you guys,

you were all right. The problem is fixed. You should get my PWAD in \newstuff in the next few weeks.


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