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I am finally back! (and looking for inspiration).

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Well, for the last few months my detachment has been in occupied Iraq. I am finally glad to return to my home and finally get back to this website. I almost didnt make it back, but that isnt something I can (or want to speak about)
Now that I am back I wish to get back to map and wad creation, but alas, I have had little ideas on what kind of map I should make. Any help or ideas would be nice and I can say that my last tour will be my last. I look foward to speaking to all of you again!

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Hello shotgunmasacre2

If you're looking forward to map creation, then well... I've been thinking of infernal city areas, consisting of smallish ruins built on a barren crimson hellish landscape, under a looming night sky... The population: non-deaf former humans...

BTW, look for this Cycloid member (no prob). He has a site dedicated also to random Doom level names. Look at his signature.

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