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Need help with monsters.

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I need help. (if you didnt already geuss)

I am making a wad, a wad file for heretic.
I put in a maulotar and every time i kill it, all the monsters die in the level.

What do i do?

I want the maulotar in the level but i need to find out how to make it were when the maulotar dies, the rest of the monsters will not die.

Please help. thank you.

p.s i am making the wad to replace the e5m8 map. would that posibly be the cause?

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Due to the fact that the boss is a level ending boss, such as Icon of sin, when the monster is killed the level should end. This however, in Heretic that is, when the bos is placed on a map designated as an em8, the episodes ending level. If you want to fix this make the level something other then a map 8 level and there shouldnt be any problems.
p.s refer to e3m7 in which there is a maulatour that during the middle of the level, and killing it doesnt end the level or kill all of the rest of the monsters.

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Put it in E3M8, same sky texture, and killing a Minotaur should not kill the other monsters. The only problem is that the victory message tells you that you have killed D'Sparil. Or you could create a new actor with decorate that behave exactly as the Minotaur (I think it's just a few lines of code, I don't know how to do that, but most people here seem to be very skilled with that).

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