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Pete The Padre

Interception Deception

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I've recently started working on my new and first, Megawad for Doom2.
My main effort is to keep it Oldschool, a bit of homage to the original Doom and Doom2 levels.

I'm fairly new at the Doombuilding game, so I'm learning as I go along. But I am picking up atleast some skills and will make this a devoted work.

It will be somewhat "tricks 'n Traps" inspired, playing with the Physics of the original Doom(2) making some hopefully, refreshing gameplay.

I'm only 5 levels into the Wad so it will not be out for some time.
Screens will come.

So if some of you, like me; likes the oldschool gameplay, but with a twist, then you should keep a watching eye out and hopefully i will make atleast some ppl exited about this.

Screens are now up.
NOTE: These screens are only rough, The maps are not finished so there is a lack of detail. But u'll get the idea.
These pictures are from Map02 and Map04

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Sounds cool; I like maps that abuse Doom's features a bit. :) I'm assuming this is for vanilla Doom or limit-removing ports, judging by the oldschool description?

Regarding "refreshing gameplay", if you can manage to come up with anything that hasn't already been done in the past 13 years, I will be very surprised. If not, this sounds like a fun project anyway.

One, thing, though, is that so many people, at some point, want to start their own megawad or TC. I know I did when I was starting out. It's a big project to tackle, so if you get tired of working on this, maybe you'll want to reconsider and release however much you have done....but I'm not trying to discourage you or anything, if it came across that way. I'd just hate to see yet another interesting project fall into the abyss.

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Cool, great to see this - a new classic megawad. Would you like an unfinished map of mine, Pete the Padre?

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yeah sure i'd love to have a look at the map

all though i may not use it if it does not fit in my wad but sure ill take a lookie,

maybe u can "msn me" it?


And yes the Wad will be for original Doom2, atleast i think so at the moment, we'll se how it developes.
I may add a bit of Textures and possibly a modded monster, im not sure yet.
And by refreshing gameplay i did not mean doing something that is new in any way, I mean it will be some variation in gameplay, trying to make it more thrilling to play, always keeping the player on edge.
Although i don't want to spoil to much at this point since im not very far in the wad making.

Screens will come very soon BTW

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