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Million More March

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I noticed that there seems to be a few people on this forum that seem to have there eyes open to the wrongs of this world man has created.

Just wondering if anyone happened to goto the Million More March last year. If not, I've got a few pictures up on MySpace (the gayest site on the planet). I had a lot more, but most of them didn't turn out to great because I didn't get to tour all of D.C. funky Occult scenery until night time.

Anyhow, here's a link to my blogs, it's at the bottom...

...which I had a more direct like, but like I say, Myspace is gay, but then again so is everyone else on there, so there is plenty of room for a take over. :)


If that link does not work try:


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myspace is really what you make it. It's only really _gay_ if you're an elitist internet fag with no friends

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Hmm, well I'm not gay, but I don't hate or fear them either. I've got a nice circle of sincere caring friends, but elitists often think of me as an elitist, and Christians think I'm satanic. Also I only spend about a max of 8 hours on the net a week.

What do you think?

I do love how everyone is trying to pimp themselve out on Myspace though. All the Sausage Divas and Brat Doll emulators crack me up!

OH ya!!!

Check out this link:


I met her, asked around about her with the guards and stuff, and everyone varified that she has actually been living across the street from the White House since the beginning of the 80's!

Now that is activism!

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