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I need help with combinding levels.

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Can you help me?

I am tryin to combine levels together.

For example, i am making a 3 level wad, and im finished but i dont know how to make it into a singal wad file.

i have three wad files and trying to combined them to make one.

Please help.

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If you happen to have XWE, you could go to File>Merge Wads and select the wads to be merged together and bam. If Wintex, choose a wad on the top window and wad on the bottom window and merge them, then merge that new wad into the one map that's not merged yet and bam.

XWE can be found here.
Wintex is in the Idgames archive somewhere I believe, search for it.

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Doombuilder can do this just save your map into one of your others.
Rename your maps to map01 map02 and map03, if you didn't do this allready.

XWE can do this aswell just copy and paste all map data to another one.
Make backups if you are not sure about what you are doing.

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