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PWAD help

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I like Zdoom. It is really the only sourceport i use.I use that and Zdoom Launcher and it works really well.My problem is, in some zips there are just the readme and the wad, while in others theres the wad, a deh file, a bat file, ect. heres an example: for allhell here are the contents: ahflats.wad, ahlevels.wad, ahmus.wad,allhell.deh... what is this? and how do i get it to work through Zdoom?

Help would be appreciated!!!

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That won't work when there is more than one file to load.

With multiple files, you can use drag and drop (as long as the exe in question supports this, which anything descended from Boom 2.02 does, and any others, including Zdoom, that have added this feature). Just select the files from the zip and drag and drop them onto the exe, or a shortcut to it.

That works as long as there are no resource conflicts between the files (you wouldn't normally expect that if they are packaged together), in which case they need to be loaded in a specific order. In that case you'll need to use a command line, or a launcher that allows you to specify a loading order.

But there are also some things you can only do from a command line (or a batch file, etc.), so you really ought to familiarize yourself with that method too.

And moved to Questions, since it isn't an Editing question.

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Hey the drag-and-drop solution worked! thanks. but what about my second question? do I just not nned to worry about all the other files (.deh, .bat)? Do i just use the wads and ignore everything else?

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Onthedot said:

So what do i need to run these files? What do i do with the .deh file?

You just drag and drop all the wads and the deh onto the exe.

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