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testers wanted

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I am looking for two or three testers for my new map. The boom-map is big (one hour playtime, 6.5 mb unziped), detailed with a metal, brick, tech theme. It is to test...

- monster placement (amo-health balance)
- port compability

I would send the wad via email. My english is not so good. I hope that someone is interested in testing. Thank you.

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Assuming you are the same didy who made For Whom the Bell Tolls, I would suggest mentioning this fact, as it might encourage more people to be interested in testing.

Sadly I can't, as I shall be away from home for the next few weeks.

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I would like to test your map. I would also like to ask you to test my map which is only a short time before publication. I hope reciprocal testing adds some extra benefit as far as feedback is concerned.


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