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Some random fanstuff

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WIP - Imp miniature for 28mm miniature games like Warzone/Warhammer

Made from very shity modeling plastic, I really need to buy some profi modeling putty.

Marine´s helmet

Some Heretic Stuff

Really old, about 8 or 9 years! Made for my Playmobile-like toy soldiers.

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The imp looks like it was made out of a bar of soap. :p But nice work still. Same for the marine helmet. Not bad.

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I can't zoom in on the imp.

the helmet looks awesome. now you need to make an elf to go with those weapons ;)

Oh try Chavant NSP. it's a modeling plastacine that is used to make props and maquetts for movies. It was also used by WETA to make the statues for lord of the rings line done by sideshowtoys.

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That Imp looks really neat. I'm assuming you're going to paint/color it? If so, I can't wait to see it, well... okay, I can wait... but I still want to see it :P

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kristus said:

The imp looks like it was made out of a bar of soap.

I now have a very VERY disturbing image of a large hairy man rubbing a Doom imp all over his body.

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Now, that's some cool stuff.

The imp has some really nice proportions/anatomy for something so tiny. Shitty putty or not, I think it looks great. All it needs is some detail work and a coat of paint.

The Space Marine helmet is a nice sculpt, but a head by itself isn't too exciting for me.

I really dug the Heretic weapon/item assortment, especially the tome that actually opens. It makes me think of the old accessory packs you could buy for G.I.JOEs and Masters of The Universe back in the day. Imagine walking into a toy store and seeing a pack of Heretic weapons hanging on the pegs. All you need now is the elven warrior to wield 'em (one of the Toy Biz LOTR figures would do the trick) and some monsters to thwack. On the critical side, it's difficult to draw/paint the details on something as small as the tome, and it shows--I think drawing/painting it larger and then printing it out, in-scale, and affixing it like a decal would have looked better (hell, you could even use the sprite from the game if you wanted).

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