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Horrible crash with wHeretic


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wHeretic (downloaded from raven-games.com) seems to have a serious problem (I'm using Windows XP professional, sp2 I think).

When playing, sometimes, at random (last time I fired a powered up a tomed firemace ball,) the screen flashes into the Blue Screen of Death. During that, it plays random sound garbage while dumping physical memory to disk... By panicking i usually reset the pc...

Microsoft sees the trouble as a device driver problem. I wouldn't care exactly what device driver it is.

Overall I don't think this is bad hell at all, but still something to tell me not to use wHeretic any more. Latest thing was a registry change, but I believe it was caused by Windows not by system damage (it works fine now :).

Happened to you as well? (this is the POLL question) (I voted)
The only Windows post-98 ports for Heretic are zDoom, jHeretic and (God forbid :) wHeretic?

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Check all the Win32 Heretic engines listed here.

Also, wHeretic isn't "post 98". On the contrary, it seems it was developed on Windows 95 (and NT 4).

Vavoom is a "post 98" engine that supports Heretic. Another one that might work, but is older, is WinHeretic.

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Hardware ports supporting heretic:

Eternity (?)

All I can think of atm.

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Eternity's Heretic support is not complete so you can't in good conscience recommend it to somebody who wants to play Heretic right now :P Check back a few versions later though ;)

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