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XWE Suddenly Acting Up

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Since 3 weeks ago XWE started giving me 2 errors on startup.

When I open the program I get an error saying Failed to set data for ''. Then when the XWE window shows up I get a second error saying List Index out of bounds (0).

And when I try to do soemthing, nothing happens and I instead get an error: List Index out of bounds (3*)
*: Sometimes it's (2)

My OS is Windows 2000.

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Hey there,

Searching the forums for the error message ("Failed to set data for") gives you the solution (and the thread where we originally found this issue, affecting Win2000 only). In short, open XWE.INI file and add this:


Let me know if you still run into problems.

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I've actually been there and none of the given suggestions worked.

But then I went and ticked No File Associations and exited and it ran perfectly and I'm re-associating the files.


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